Let our love of sailing and the tropics be your guide to one of the most memorable vacations you could possibly hope for. Wake up to the ocean breezes as they flow through your cabin. Let your senses absorb what the islands have to offer every day of the week. On the Admiral ChiChi a whole world of wonder and adventure awaits you.

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By Day

The world is at your fingertips!

So much to do. Explore, snorkel, swim, do some beach combing, and take in the islands cultures. We will visit story book islands, harbors, and settlements. We will visit beach bars and restaurants that are filled with locals, all friendly and glad for you to be there and anxious to share their island paradise. The incredibly beautiful waters are irresistible.

By Night

The stars are your night lights!

Sunsets are an event in the islands. Listen for the sound of the conch. It's the sound of the islanders celebrating another day in paradise. The nights will bring a whole new look to your surroundings. Stars so bright lighting the landscapes that surround you. Stars from horizon to horizon will amaze you. The Moon rise over the islands is breathtaking. You're quiet and calm anchorage aboard the Admiral ChiChi will provide you with a sleep so peaceful you will wonder how you managed to sleep before.